What To Do When Your Garage Door Arcadia Won’t Open

Try to imagine going to your garage, getting into your vehicle and find that your garage door won’t open. What will you do? If you are lucky, the problem what To Do When Your Garage Door Won’t Open.

ll only be with a battery in the remote. At times, all you need to do is to manually override the door to open it by hand.

The first thing you need if your garage door won’t open is to use a keypad instead of using your remote.  If the door opens, it means that there is only a problem with your remote battery and all you have to do is to insert a new battery.

If this does not work, check the tracks the door rides on. Someone may have put an obstruction in the track hence hindering the door from functioning normally. It may also be a good idea to grease your tracks and the garage door will open as it should.

This is because of the fact that dry tracks do not allow for optimum performance and create a lot of creaking noises you may hear when the garage door hesitates in opening.

Tightening all the hardware used to open the door may also be a good solution to a garage door that won%u2019t open. See if the tracks are in exact alignment with each other. The door will usually not move smoothly if the tracks are not in exact alignment.

If all these solutions don%u2019t work, then the problem may be with the motor that opens and closes the door. However, the motor problems should not be dealt with by an amateur. The problem could be with the opener as it may be worn out and needs to be replaced or it may require some adjustments.

A professional should be the only one to do the adjustments as they know how to do it. What you should do is ensuring that everything is plugged in the appropriate manner. Unless you know something about electrical equipment, avoid fixing a motor problem by yourself as this may cause more damage